Kanchana Mendis

Kanchana Mendis is a Sri Lankan award winning actress and a model. She started her career by appearing in video advertisements. "Rajya Sevaya Pinisai" is the debuted film of Kanchana which was played in year 2000. Kanchan won "Best Supporting Actress - Presidential Award" for the role she played in this film. Later she moved in to tele field and she acted in many serial tele-dramas such as "Damini", "Doo Daruwo" and "Suba Anagathayak".
Personal Profile
• Name: Kanchana Mendis
• Birth Date: June 24th
She appeared in more than 10 films during last 10 years and more than 30 tele dramas. "Heart FM" and "Rosa Vasnthaya" films are the most popular films among her films. Anyway almost all the films and teledramas which she acted were become popular since people really love her acting plus charm appearance and smiling face. Now Kanchana is well known and well respected actress in Sri Lanka.
Filmography of Kanchan Mendis
• Raajya Sewaya Pinisai - 2000
• Rosa Wasanthe - 2001
• Sudu Sewaneli - 2002
• Pura Sakmana - 2003
• Sakman Maluwa - 2003
• Nisala Gira - 2007
• Hathara Denama Soorayo - 2008
• Heart FM - 2008
Finally she get married very recently to "Roshan Ranawaka" who was learning in UK at that time. Kanchana Mendis's marriage was held at "Water's Edge" hotel one of the leading hotels in Colombo Sri Lanka.
Awards & Achievements
• Presidential award (2000) - Best supporting actress for her role in "Raajya Sewaya Pinisai"
• Best Performance in 27th Sarasawi Awards (2002) - for her performance in "Rosa Wasanthe"